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uPVC Systems

When it comes to thermal and sound insulation uPVC is the ideal material for apertures. We manufacture Rehau Geneo, an avant-garde uPVC system with low U Values and maximum sound insulation. Rehau have a large colour selection from which you can download by clicking on the brochure below. (Rehau Colours). Rehau offer a 10 year guarantee on white profiles and 5 years on coloured profiles, whilst the glass carry a 10 year guarantee on condensation between glass.

Casement Systems



The comfort and safety of home is more than a strong roof and sturdy walls. The right design and installed windows & doors can make a significant difference to a home not only aesthetically but also to bring in plentiful lights, sufficient air circulation, effective thermal and sound insulation and security. 

High performing uPVC window designs from REHAU are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. They lend an element of style complemented by functionality for a solution that fits the needs and expectations of homeowners who demand the most from their windows. 

Sliding Systems

geneo lift and slide.JPG

GENEO Lift & Slide

The lift and slide door system is in an extension of the GENEO family system. It impresses with innovative technologies and highest precision in design and manufacturing. 

Louvers Systems



Innovative folding shutter system for modern and traditional design.

With REHAU louvre shutters SOL-Design, you can create a European style. This attractive and effective tool gives your façade the look of a true Mediterranean home.

Design Options

  • Rotary and sliding shutters possible

  • Special forms (oblique, segmental arches and shutters)

  • With fixed, movable fins and board fillings


  • Depth: 50 mm

  • Overlapping wing-frame: 10 mm

  • Cover plate width: 35.6 mm or 55 mm

  • Maximum panel thickness: 28 mm

  • Wind resistance EN 1932: Grade 6

  • Requirements for CE marking according to EN 13659 are met

  • Available in fixed and adjustable slats

  • High dimensional accuracy and surface finish


  • UV-protection which ultimately protects interiors from unwanted colour fading

  • More privacy due to visual protection from unwanted views

  • Safety through the additional barrier on the outside

  • Less dust infiltration

  • Reduced light irradiation

  • Energy savings as the shutter blocks sun rays

  • Fixed or adjustable slats can be installed directly into the frame or sash of REHAU Prestige Design

  • Bevelled slats profile lend elegance to the louver shutter design

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