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Architectual aluminium was the foundation of Framegrip Industries Ltd back in 1983 where from its small factory in Mgarr now it occupies most of the premises of Mosta Road Lija, more than 6,000 metres squared of machinery and equipment.

Over the years the company has gained a reputation of consistent supply of quality products, service and efficient customer care. The success behind Framegrip Industries Ltd lies in the dedicated workforce and investment in state of the art machinery to be able to meet today’s demand of production, quality and design. Innovation in technology, design and working procedures are imperative in the companie’s policies to continue satisfying the client especially where it comes to deadlines.

Customers had made Framegrip Industires Ltd as one of the leading companies manufacturing architectural aluminium apertures and curtain walls in Malta with a client portfolio which includes several well-known designers, project managers, architects and developers.

Aluminium Systems


Aluminium offers flexibility regarding colours and solutions for your aperture needs. We manufacture Metra windows and doors where one can find different thicknesses and insulation levels.

uPVC Systems


When it comes to thermal and sound insulation uPVC is the ideal material for apertures. We manufacture Rehau Geneo, an innovative uPVC system with low U Values and maximum sound insulation. Rehau have a large colour selection to compliment various designs. We offer a 10-year guarantee on white profiles and 5 years on coloured profiles, while the glass carries a 10-year warranty on condensation between glass.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel.jpg

If it has to be stylish, it has to be stainless steel. We can offer stainless steel apertures, both brushed and polished, and also thermal break.



We offer a variety of glass thicknesses, types and designs for different applications such as flooring, roofing, canopies, partitions and shop entrances. With unlimited possibilities regarding physical strength and aesthetics, including glass in your project is much easier than before.

Sky Domes


Domes produced by Basso Skylights significantly improve illumination in commercial and industrial environments. Thanks to their elegant design and versatility of installation they adapt perfectly to even the most particular architectural designs and significantly contribute to the aesthetic quality of professional or personal environments.

Curtain Wall Sky

Curtain rail.JPG

The series Poliedra Sky curtain walls systems by Metra show a contemporary taste and great technology applicable and adaptable to any architectural context. 

Poliedra Sky liberates the architect from any structural tie and from any type of material allowing the creation of any project or cultural expression... whether its restructuring or brand new constructions. Metra specialises in supplying specially customised profiles. 

Curtain Wall Glass

curtain wall glass.JPG

Poliedra-Sky Glass 130 and 180 is the result of the cooperation between Metra and Web Glass, it is the architectural and functional evolution of the curtain walls. Glass is the main component and separation element between the interior; with a constant thermal condition, and the external environment with continuous weather variability.

Automatic Sliding Doors

automatic sliding door.JPG

We can supply automatic sliding doors in packages which are suitably adequate to high traffic environments including areas where trolleys and wheelchairs are used. Our system can also be integrated with other automatic doors; therefore, we can offer operator-only solutions.

Automatic Revolving Doors

automatic revolving doors.jpg

The revolving door provides an aesthetically pleasing entrance while effectively separating the outdoor and indoor environments and reducing draughts. When a 2-wing UniTurn revolving door is used, pedestrians with baby buggies and luggage can be conveniently accommodated.

Main Doors

Main Doors.jpg

The refined design, high technology together with the full range of colours and elegance of majolica, decorated by hand, allow a harmonious inclusion in any environment, both classical and modern, of the bugnati panels in the Italian style. The high quality of materials used, aluminium sheet 12/10 with certified powder coated and soul in first choice MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), ensure maximum reliability regarding rigidity, insulation, maintenance and weight.

Shutters & Louvers

Shutters and Louvres.jpg

The Althura partition can divide spaces and determinate the organisation of the office-space practically. Althura can be fitted both in new premises and also in reconstructions, thanks to its high modularisation and to the very fast assembling. A modern design together with innovating technical solutions and original materials make Althura more practical. 

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