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Automatic Sliding Door

We can supply automatic sliding doors in packages which are suitably adequate to high traffic environments including areas where trolleys and wheel chairs are used. Our system can also be integrated with other automatic doors therefore we can offer operator-only solutions.

Frame Automatic Doors

Aluminum Supplier

Besam Frame model is an ideal solution for premises that require rugged and stable frame due to high traffic, especially when trolleys and wheels chairs use the entrance.

Slim Automatic Door System

Insulation Detail

Besam Slim offers a minimalist approach to an automatic door, where slim frames are used instead of bulkier profiles which makes this door still rugged but with a modern approach.

Semi Transparent / Transparent Automatic Door Systems

Aluminum Supplier

The Besam Semi-Transparent and Transparent systems create an elegant entry with a virtually uninterrupted glass surface. Both models are ideally suited to internal applications, particularly in office complexes.

Curved Automatic Door System

Insulation Detail

The Curved sliding door produces an entrance in three dimensions, with depth in addition to width and height.

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