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Automatic Revolving Door

The revolving door provides an aesthetically pleasing entrance while effectively separating the outdoor and indoor environments and reducing draughts. When a 2-wing UniTurn revolving door is used, pedestrians with baby buggies and luggage can be conveniently accommodated. 

2-wing UniTurn

Aluminum Supplier

The UniTurn maximizes efficiency by utilizing a perimeter drive that eliminates the need for a bulky centre shaft.

  • Helps maintain a comfortable indoor climate while saving energy costs 

  • Available in a variety of sizes to handle a range of passage needs, from travellers with luggage to moderate pedestrian-only traffic.

  • Can be ordered in several different configurations that can be combined to match any building.

  • Designed to be placed directly onto the finished floor surface – no special foundations required

Semi Transparent / Transparent Automatic Door Systems

Insulation Detail

Besam compact revolving doors RD3 and RD4 combine the climate-control advantages of a revolving door with the security and convenience of an automatic door.

  • Large door compartment area, capable of accommodating shopping and luggage carts, wheelchairs, and even crowds with ease 

  • Can also be fitted with an optional centre sliding door that can be activated by the turn of a key, allowing the door to be used as a fully automatic sliding door entrance for additional ventilation and access to the building

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