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Folding Doors

If it is a veranda or conservatory in a private house, bars & restaurants or hotels, this is a suitable solution to maximise the utilisation of open areas without compromising the aperture opening space. SUNROOM® folding doors by Tender group were the first to offer such solution and remain the market leaders in the creation of flexible space. Our systems offer designers infinite possibilities of flexible spaces without limitations, whilst ensuring protection and insulation when closed. 
They are characterized by their simple movement, guaranteed reliability in time, elegant lines and accessories.

Four models are available: S.30, S.40, S.60/24 Supertermica, S.62, always made to measure and in the desired colours, delivered ready for easy installation. 

Folding Doors S.30

Very simple and reliable structure composed of modular elements made from aluminium profiles. Rounded forms and exclusive design offer attractive and original visual results with excellent surface finishes.

All components are produced to exclusive TENDER S.r.l. designs with accurately selected materials that are fully tested to ensure only the best functionality, reliability and duration.

  • Applications:
    Verandas, balconies, bars, restaurants with mainly seasonal opening, etc.

  • Dimensions:
    Made-to-measure door panels up to 750-800 mm in width and 3000 mm in height. Closures of unlimited length can be constructed by composing groups of door panels that run on tracks, with special joints and gaskets at their meeting points.

  • Running:
    The door panels run on two tracks. They are suspended from the top track with ball-bearing runners covered by synthetic material. The bottom panel edge has rollers in synthetic material that run in an aluminium track on the floor, or in a flush stainless steel track.

  • Folding:
    Easy, quick and silent. Panels can be closed to the left or right only, or on both sides for larger closures. The closed panels occupy a space of about 8% of their total opened length.

  • Adjustable:
    Both side uprights and the top and bottom tracks in aluminium are adjustable.

  • Glazing:
    Plain glass, security glass, insulated glass, panels with thickness up to 20 mm.

  • Important features:
    Removable hinge pins for easy cleaning of external surfaces.
    Curved tracks for curved closures or sections.

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