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Movable Partitions

The Althura partition can divide spaces and determinate the organisation of the office-space in a functional way. Althura can be fitted both in new premises and also in re constructions, thanks to its high modularisation and to the very fast assembling. A modern design together with innovating technical solutions and original materials make Althura more practical. 

The Althura modular system, movable and cupboard partitions, may be the best way to subdivide work environments thanks to its large adaptability, to the different types of solutions and to the wide range of panel finishing. This partition may be considered as a real "wall", thanks to its very good stability and to its very high soundproofing. This modular system gives you the advantages of modifying the room according to the new requirements in a very short time.


Movable Partitions Structure:

All the internal structure of the partition is made of zinc coated steel profiles.


Vertical Upright:

The vertical upright, with a section inscribed in a rectangle of 60mm x 30mm, is provided with lower and upper steel connecting plates for the fixing to the horizontal profiles by self-drilling screws. When the partition is fixed to the ceiling, the superior connecting plate is substituted by a pressure spring in order to guarantee the correct opposition to the slab. The steel particulars which allow the assembling of the other parts of the partition in the yard are fixed to the upright by screws. Covering panels and profiles (which hold the glasses in glazed panels) adhere to the seals.

Lower and Horizontal profiles:

Horizontal profiles are placed to the floor and ceiling and are fixed by screws or pressure springs. These profiles are supplied with black co-extruded PVC gasket having an acoustic barrier and aesthetic finishing function. The visible gasket in the lower and upper side of the partition is 25 mm high. Horizontal profiles have an U-section with an inner free-space which allows the passage of cables.


Cross Pieces:

Horizontal crosspieces complete and stiffen the load bearing structure. The section of these profiles allows the passage of cables.


Covering Panels:

Panels are in high density chipboard (660 kg/c.m.) 18mm thick with a large choice of finishings. Every panel is fixed by steel hooks to vertical uprights whilst the system allows us to produce a partition with no visible elements of the bearing structure. When the partition is higher than 3000 mm the covering panel is divided in two (a lower panel and an upper one) at an interaxis of 2140 mm.

Specifications - Althura Divisoria:
Adjacent panels are spaced of 6mm vertically, closed with a grey PVC gasket.
Panels are supplied with a PVC edging of 0,8mm thick.

Standard panel finishings:

* Melamine colour ivory - fire resistance class 2
* Melamine colour grey - fire resistance class 1
* High pressure laminate ABET PRINT colours of portfolio finishing SEI
* Standard woods: walnut tanganika
* Special woods

Sound Proofing:

In order to guarantee a good sound proofing, a high density glass-wool (40 kg/c.m.) 50mm thick, is inserted in every module. Sound proofing rating at 500 Hz (ISO 717/1) estimated between 100 and 3150 Hz allows the following results:
* 40 dB for blind panels
* 40 dB for glazed panels

Modular Panels

The modularization is 1000mm for the standard elements of the partition (500mm for the reduced blind module).


The partition has a 100mm section, consisting of two covering panels18mm thick and has a 62mm inner air-space containing the bearing structure and the glass-wool.


The modules of the partitions are produced made to measure according to the room height, with a standard inferior panel 2140mm high and an upper measure panel.


The glazed partition is produced with an insulating glass composed by two float glasses 4 mm thick (on request 3+3 mm thick) placed on an aluminium frame supplied with PVC gaskets (for a total 100 mm thickness) and are fixed to the uprights by steel hooks.

Pass Doors

The product line allows the insertion of passage doors modules with different specifications. Passage door jambs are made of an aluminium profile. The doors are either in high pressure laminate 44mm thick or 10mm tempered glass whilst a NOS-knob handle and a YALE cylinder lock is supplied.

Movable Blind Partitions Module

This type of module consists of only one covering panel if the height of the partition is less than 3000 mm; else the finishing panel consists of a blind part 2137 mm high and of an upper panel on measure.

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